our mission

Inspired by passion and creativity, WIND & VIBES was launched in 2016. Our mission is to enrich your everyday life with innovative bags that make a meaningful impact. Guided by the belief that small things can make big changes, we have developed a unique concept: interchangeable bag flaps designed to take your world by storm.


Our bags not only combine style and functionality, but also focus on sustainability. No more countless bags in the closet! Thanks to our interchangeable flaps, you can adapt your bag to any outfit and any occasion in no time. This not only saves space in the closet, but also reduces the ecological footprint because you no longer need a ton of bags and still have the right bag at hand for every occasion.

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Our team

At WIND & VIBES we not only value sustainable products, but also a sustainable team. Our small, dedicated team works in the middle of Cologne city. Not only bags, but real favorite pieces are created here. Each of us takes responsibility and is actively involved in the brand design process. We firmly believe that true greatness lies in the small details - be it our pockets or the way we work together as a team.

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